martina gasliniAfter completing her studies in Milan and San Francisco, she worked with different architects in Milan. Since the ‘90s she ran her own architectural firm and cooperated with several professionals, with some of whom she established “Gruppo Architettura” a few years ago.
Her main professional skill is her ability to combine down-to-earth structural and formal features with the harmony of daily life, through a multilevel approach and with a view to reconciling eastern architectural philosophies and western hectic lifestyle.
Her projects are always inspired to innovative solutions, to unusual but accurate chromatic and space choices; full attention is focused on a constant dialogue with her client’s needs.


claudio reatoThanks to his in-depth understanding of material technology and his degree in architecture earned in Milan, Claudio Reato worked for different architectural and engineering firms, thus developing his know-how in both creative and technological areas. For a long period he ran his own firm and he is now a founding partner of GRUPPO ARCHITETTURA.
His clear and vivid style finds expression through the key features of architecture and civil engineering. Industrially-produced materials are widely applied and implemented, whilst respecting their specific nature; distribution, structural and technical systems are designed meet the needs of their respective functions.
His project identifies the distinctive site traits and grows into the expression of an idea coming to completion through a formally consistent style and architectural design.


daniele bongiorniDaniele Bongiorni graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano. During his years in university the studied for a long period abroad and, before earning his degree, he spent some months both in New York and Chicago with the architectural firm SOM – Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.
In Milan he worked as an in-house designer for different professional firms, before opening his own architectural studio. He subsequently established GRUPPO ARCHITETTURA, in partnership with other experienced colleagues.
He currently deals with project planning and site engineering for housing and commercial developments.
As an interior designer, he excels in his ability to combine a never uninspired concept of space with a special attention to surfaces, materials and details.
When planning new buildings and restructuring, he focuses on an optimum balance between form and function; priority is given to energy saving, new materials and advanced technologies.


luca bortoloAfter graduating in Architecture from the University of Venice, Luca Bortolotto moved to Milan and worked with different architectural firms, before founding his own studio, a consulting business operating in Italy and abroad, specializing in architectural and interior design for both housing and commercial developments.
His style pursues a contemporary classicism and harmonizes minimalistic rigor, neither cold nor abstract, with a decoration effect which is sober and elegant at the same time.
Utmost attention is devoted to research for space and emotional effects, with an aim to infusing warmth and harmony in every project, supplemented by a specially designed lighting and by the appropriate use of natural materials, such as stone, wood, glass and plaster.
His projects are characterized by a rigorous but fascinating, austere although never extreme style. His timeless language, far from passing fashions, expresses a poetic concept of living spaces as unique, revitalizing and spirit-restoring places.
He is a founding partner of GRUPPO ARCHITETTURA, established with colleagues having a complementary background and professional experience.